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Specialised In Aluminum Castings, Gravity Die Castings, Silicon Bronze Castings, Phosphorus Bronze Castings, Gun Metal Castings.


The benchmark of the highest quality standards
We are committed to ISO 9001/2000 and BVQI (UK) as our benchmark standard of excellence. Recognized and accredited by the highly prominent Indian Quality Inspection Boards like NABCB and SMERA, Kumud Metal Foundry products are manufactured with perfect chemistry, accuracy and purity of ingredients.

Kumud Metal Foundry is a progressive company and is active in continual process improvement. Our commitment to quality encompasses all facets of our business, and covers all of our employees.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction, which we will attain by continuous improvement of processes, providing adequate training to employees, assuring compliance with established procedures, and implementing appropriate actions to resolve any system or product deficiencies.

Our stringent quality system and the use of only the best raw materials, along with rigid process controls have enabled us to maintain the highest standards of quality parts and deliver on time every time. Our dedication to quality improvement has helped ensure minimum defects and 100% conformance. We have built our reputation as the company that has never compromised on quality standards and the specifications of our customers.

The perfect chemistry and composition accuracy is checked online before pouring, with the help of a Spark Absorption Spectrometer.
That's why some of the most prestigious OEM companies have selected Kumud Metal Foundry as their casting partner. Our greatest pride is that we are able to meet and often exceed our client's casting expectations.
White Metal Lining, Zinc Cathode Casting with MS Insert, High Tensile Brass, Tailor Made Alloys, Mumbai, India
White Metal Lining, Zinc Cathode Casting with MS Insert, High Tensile Brass, Tailor Made Alloys, Mumbai, India